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The Story of the Lone Wolf: Chapter 1
The Lone Wolf
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In the land where princes had long been extinct lived a lone wolf with a family to which his heart could not entirely commit. There was something so peculiar about him. It could’ve been sadness or a wish to disappear, yet no one could put their finger on it. The lone wolf kept his heart far away from the prying eyes, so his secret remained intact.

Every night, when no one seemed to care, the lone wolf would sneak off to an unrevealed place. He kept a pack of smokes and a lighter at his reach. And in a puff of smoke, he would disappear.

He would arrive at a hole, with the colour to me yet to be known. There, in the corner of his hopes and dreams, a bright red fox would always appear. A magic word they would tell, ad the darkness would no longer hold the reign.

The years have passed in a manner such as this, and the lone wolf learnt a great deal until one day, he discovered why he was placed to grow up with a family that was not his. The lone wolf at last figured out that he was placed there by the last guard of the Hidden Lands, so the family could protect him and keep him safe until the day comes when he could proclaim, he’s the last prince of the Dark Realm.

Days from now, when the Great Battle comes into play, the lone wolf will have to claim the name given to him by the Golden Fate. He’ll then need to choose all he secretly wishes for and wants to be his.

But there are some things even the foxes cannot foretell, and that might as well be the weed that grows from deep within and hold our feet firm in place. It was then that I met him.

I shan’t tell you more, for the fear of loosing the sight of him, but the lone wold will always remain dear to me.

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