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The Story of the Lone Wolf: Prologue
The World Unknown
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Once upon a time, and may I say, it was not long ago at all, I’ve come across a lone wolf, he seemed the loneliest of them all. The wolf withdrew to the world where the back holes ruled the realm, and dream of unseen lands with a ring of pride tucked under his belt.

As he walked down the path that crossed mine, I’ve encountered the lone wolf – he truly was one of a kind.

The days passed as I sat behind a computer box that directed my days, and I saw all the things the lone wolf didn’t see himself.

I wondered if he knew of a place he needed not to hide. A place where his escapes and the present world are of the same kind.

So this is a story of which end I wish not to know. As it speaks of the lone wold, the kindest person I got to know.

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